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The 2016 NFL regular season has come to a close and sadly our 2016 Premium Subscription has expired. The good news is you can re-up now for 2017 at an early-bird special at this most critical time of the offseason.


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Ultimate Trade Analyzer  The FFinsideNews.com Ultimate Trade Analyzer is the only web-based fantasy football trade analyzer available that is designed to help you evaluate trades that include players, draft picks, and future draft picks.  The FFinsideNews.com Ultimate Trade Analyzer calculates variables derived from your custom league settings and gives you the "Ultimate" advantage in deciding if a trade benefits your team.

Custom Cheatsheet Generator  Tired of cheat sheets and rankings that don't reflect your league format? Enter your settings and get a customized one page printer-friendly positional cheat sheet with rankings for easy reference for you to use on fantasy football draft day.

Mock Draft Average Draft Position  Our ADP data shows you where a given player will get drafted for your custom settings. In addition, by having a good feel for our ADP data, you can determine player value and positional value (what positions are worth more) specific to your league.  We filter out Computer selections before any calculations are made and automated picks are randomized to avoid bias.

Lineup Report Card  Confident you aced your Fantasy Football Draft?  Need an evaluation of where your team is strong, and where it is weak?  With the FFinsideNews.com Lineup Report Card, you simply enter your league’s custom settings, enter your starting lineup, and our Lineup Report Card will compute a grade for each position in your Lineup as well as an Overall Team Grade.  Put your Fantasy Football Lineup to the test!

Schedule Maker  Receive a random league schedule, customize to league size and divisions, even adjust Schedule Strength based on last season’s ranks!

Draft Order Randomizer  Randomly generate your league’s draft order. Multiple drafting styles available including Serpentine, Linear, and Random Odd Round!

Draft Progress Tracking Sheet  With the FFinsideNews.com Draft Progress Tracking Sheet you can keep track of your own Fantasy Football Draft selections as well as keep tabs on what positions the opposing managers still need.

Ask the Experts  FFinsideNews.com answers your Fantasy Football questions - FAST!   How it Works:
* You enter your league's custom settings.
* You submit your Fantasy Football Question.
* Our team of experts thoughtfully reviews your Fantasy Question.
* Our experts answer with personalized Fantasy Football Advice.
It's that easy!!!

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